The 10 Question Psychopath Test

The 10 Question Psychopath Test
As reported recently in the journal Psychological Science, the prisoners who were not psychopaths reasoned pretty much like college students — that is, not great at general logic but much better at understanding social contracts and precautionary reasoning. The psychopaths also did about the same on straight logic, but they were poor at understanding social agreements and proper precautions.

Understanding quid pro quos is a core human trait, the foundation of all cooperation and morality. It’s not surprising that it would be askew in people who don’t know right from wrong, honorable behavior from cheating. It’s also not shocking that psychopaths are lousy at weighing risk and taking precautions — another core human trait.

In our test the questions are based on a REAL psychological test that analyzes levels of psychopathy and narcissism. This test is NOT a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis:


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