Quiz: Would You Have Survived The Titanic?

Quiz: Would You Have Survived The Titanic?
When the Titanic sank, approximately 1,509 of its 2214 passengers perished. A majority of them
died because the ship carried lifeboats for only half the people on board. By all accounts, most died
either by drowning or of hypothermia, since the temperature of the water was -2º C (28º F), in which
death occurs in about fifteen minutes. The survival rate for men was 19%, for women 72%, and for
children, 50%. Most survivors were first class passengers, followed by second class, and finally third
class. Six of the seven children in first class survived, and all of the children in second class survived,
but only about 31 percent were saved in third class.

The Carpathia rescued the 705 survivors. Would you have been one of them? Take our quiz and find out:


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