Baby’s Ten Little Live Playthings

Baby’s Ten Little Live Playthings

And here are some other ways by which a little sister’s fingers may amuse the baby.

“This the church and this is the steeple, Open the gates—there are all the good people.” (Fig. 3)

“Chimney sweep—Oho! oho! Chimney sweep!” (Fig. 4)

“Put your finger in the bird’s nest. The bird isn’t home.” (Fig. 5)

And then when the little finger is poked in, a sly pinch is given by a hidden thumb and baby is told, “The birdie has just come home!” But you mustn’t pinch hard, of course, just enough to make baby laugh at being caught.

Page. “Will you walk in, Sir? Will you walk in?”

So in he pops and takes a seat.

When each player is supposed to speak he or she must move gently, bending forward and back and when the Friar is invited to enter, the door must open only just far enough to let him “pop in.”

These are only some of the plays with which the baby I knew used to be amused; but they will suggest others to parents and older brothers and sisters. The baby cannot make all of these things himself but he will be quite as much interested when they are made by older hands.

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