10 Surprising Ways To Get Fined Or Arrested Overseas

10 Surprising Ways To Get Fined Or Arrested Overseas
We are all aware that when traveling overseas, you need to abide by the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Obviously, drug smuggling, spying, and other criminal activity will earn you either a hefty fine or a longer-than-planned vacation behind bars. It’s common sense that if you break the law overseas, you face the local judicial system.

However, there are also some rather unusual ways in which you can land yourself in trouble abroad. Tourists have been fined or spent time behind bars for engaging in what many of us would consider standard holiday activities. Plagued with over-tourism, the Italians in particular have begun imposing fines on tourists to restore a level of decorum to their cities, while wearing swimwear in public or stepping on a banknote can land you in trouble elsewhere.

Here are ten surprising laws that you shouldn’t break on your next overseas trip.


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