What Does Your Taste In Men Say About You?

Men! Sometimes we love them, most times we can't stand them. But why is that? Why are we often with men who frustrate us? Is it because we're the ones who did the choosing, and that we chose wrong? Is it because we just aren't ready to be in a relationship? Or is it the most simple explanation: that they are aggravating as heck?

Today, we want to learn all about the kinds of men you like. Tell us what attracts you physically, as well as what you like beyond the surface.  

All these answers will be analyzed to let you know what kind of person you are. Will we find out that you're a sweetheart who should stand up for him or herself some more? Will we find out that you are as picky as they come? Will we learn that a man is not a necessity to you, but more like an accessory? Or will we get to know that you, like many people on planet earth, don't know what you want? 
What Does Your Taste In Men Say About You


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