Can You Actually See All The Colors?

Can You Actually See All The Colors?
In the last few days, a LinkedIn article about differences in individual color vision by Diana Derval, president and research director of DervalResearch and self-professed “expert in neuromarketing,” has made rounds on the internet. The article, relevant in light of “The Dress” and recent questions about color perception, shows a rainbow spectrum and asks viewers how many distinct colors they are able to discern. Based on those results, Derval classifies readers into dichromats, trichromats, and tetrachromats, groups that refer to the number of cone types — color-sensitive photoreceptor cells — present in one’s retina.

Evidence suggests that some people have four types of cones — including an additional orange one — and are able to see 100 million shades.

How well do your eyes actually see?


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