Rowing - Logic Puzzle by

Rowing - Logic Puzzle by
BRAIN TEASERS and riddles exist to challenge the brain, leaving many people stumped for words. One logic puzzle is claiming only “smart people” can solve it - can you?

Brain teasers can come in the form of puzzles, phrases, riddles and statements, all designed to confuse the brain.

Can you solve this logic puzzle asking what number comes in the next row?


The next row reads 1113213211


Every line describes the line before it. For example the second line that describes the first line says: One 1 Therefore it will be written down as 11. Now the third line which describes the second line has to be Two ones. So it will be written down as 21. The last row in the puzzle is 13112221. This is 1 one, 1 three, 2 ones, 3 two's, 1 one. So the next row will be: 113213211


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