Test: Tell me How you Communicate in WhatsApp and I’ll Tell you Who you Are!

Test: Tell me how you communicate in WhatsApp and I’ll tell you who you are
When you’re speaking a language, we can be in more formal situations and informal situations as well. So, a formal situation might be something like a podcast interview or a job interview or a public lecture where you’re expected to use a certain kind of language. But when you’re speaking to your friends, when you’re out at a bar, when you’re talking on the phone, maybe to your close family, you can use more informal language and a little bit more of your style. Your own personal way of speaking can come out.

That’s what text messaging, and to some extent for some people, tweets, can do for written language. They give us a chance to express more of our own personal style. And people do that with different forms of so-called nonstandard written language, like lowercase letters, removing punctuation, using slang, using abbreviations and emoji, and all kinds of things.

There are studies and research projects claiming that it's possible to know someone's personality based on an observation of how they write, what they dream of, and even how they organize their refrigerators. Although there is no scientific data on this particular topic, we believe that it's also possible to know a lot about people from how they use WhatsApp. We invite you to try this fun test to find out something new about yourself!


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