Truck Trick - Logic Riddle by

Truck Trick - Logic Puzzle by
BRAIN teasers and riddles can be puzzling things, leaving you staring for ages, desperate to work out the answer. A new riddle is claiming that only “smart people” can solve it.

A riddle is a statement, question or phrase that has a double or concealed meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

One riddle leaving Britons scratching their heads is claiming to only be solved by “smart people”.

It asks for people to find what was the great idea of the truck driver. After a long way, a truck driver ends up in front of a tunnel. He can not get through without severely damaging his truck, because the tunnel has a height of 3.00 meters, while his truck has a height of 3.01 meters. The driver would like to pass the tunnel because the other way will take him at least 1 hours. Suddenly he gets a great idea, he immediately starts doing some things and after 10 minutes he is back on track on the other side of the tunnel. What was the great idea of the truck driver? Keep in mind that 3 meters is equal to 118.1 inch and 3.01 meter is equal to 118.5 inch.


The driver removed some air from his tires.


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