What Kind Of Coffee Best Fits Your Personality?

What Kind Of Coffee Best Fits Your Personality?
It’s a fact: the world is obsessed with coffee. About 1.4 billion cups of coffee are poured every day worldwide. We appreciate the energy we gain through a cup of tasty goodness. With the wide variety that coffee comes in, there will always be one type that we prefer to the rest and what we choose to drink can say a lot about us.

If you enjoy a macchiato from time to time, you tend to be stylish and flamboyant. Your exuberant nature shines through the minute you enter a room. If you prefer having decaf, you have adopted the motto of “better safe than sorry”. If you enjoy a flat white, you love being spontaneous and all things exciting in life.

We all have our favorite, but if you were to order the coffee that best matches your personality, what would it be? Take this quiz to find out which type of coffee you are!


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